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NEWSFLASH – we’ve now reached 100 employer policies on the site! This is a great start, but with an estimated 5 million UK employers, there is much more info that we still need. Help out your fellow working parents by taking part below. 

Hello! Welcome to my blog: m&pper. Here you can compare the reported maternity and paternity policies of 100 major UK employers (and counting…).

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m&pper = maternity and paternity pay and enhanced rights.

If you have a job and you’re thinking about having a baby, you need to be able to plan ahead financially.

In the UK, by law, all employers have to offer paid maternity or paternity leave that meets the government’s statutory minimums.

However, many employers want to offer greater support to their employees in the hope it will encourage them, in time, to return to work.

They do this by offering employees an enhanced package – typically in the form of higher maternity or paternity pay than the statutory minimum.

Not all employers offer the same enhancements. There can be inconsistencies even within the same industry. And it can be hard to ask the question at work – or in a job interview with a potential new employer.

At m&pper, I have gathered information about what’s on offer at some of the UK’s biggest employers.  I hope this will help families – of all kinds – to plan ahead.

This site is free to use and does not require registration. Please help to make this a useful resource by completing the anonymous survey about what your employer offers.

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Disclaimer: except in places where I have marked information as being verified directly with an employer, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the details on this site. All information has been provided to me on an anonymous basis through the user survey.

To correct an error, please email info@mapper.uk.com. I particularly welcome any corrections from employers and will always do my best to make these as quickly as possible.

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